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Jessie's Journal

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20 April 1985
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User Number: 929574
Date Created:2003-03-03
Number of Posts: 11

Hey, all! I'm Jessie, also known as Dragonessa and MintamenaPie (formerly Steves_Minty. I enjoy anime/sci-fi/cartoons, reading, baking, and mainly collecting My Little Ponies (all generations. I'm a 28 year old graduate of the Pastry Arts program at the Institute of Culinary Education (ICE), and currently work at Mother Mousse, a small business only located here in Staten Island. I'm big on fantasy and love fanfic: adoring the good and mocking the bad. I moderate mlp_icons, for people who make/want My Little Pony icons.

I am a Jessie. I am comprised of many elements. Here they are: A Cow: I love to eat. I'm a big broad, as you can tell by my pic. An Onion: blame userinfothescruffydog for that one. He minionated me. I have an in-joke that I pulled off of a MiSTing that quotes "Minion an onion." A Dragon: It was my wrestling name when I was in my friend's backyard fed a few years back. A coconut: Yet another one we can blame my Scruffy Puppy David on that one. A duckie: Milady Gwendolyn userinfoketene gave me that! She's awesome! A Badger: My three best friends gave it to me. I have a fake fur coat, and they always liked the Eddie Izzard line "I poke badgers with spoons." You do the math. A Kitty: I'm a kitty to a few of my friends A Pie: This one from userinfotemalyen, my ex-boyfriend (but we're still close friends).

More to be added as they come to me.
Strengths: loyal, passionate about my causes, friendly, low-maintenance, loves animals, cuddly, loves LJ comments
Weaknesses: slow, nervous, low self esteem, kinda chubby, doesn't believe much in herself, some memory troubles, doesn't leave many LJ comments so people tend to cut her from their lists XD, addicted to My Little Ponies.
Special Skills: long term memory is very good, can name many My Little Ponies and the first 252 Pokemon on sight! ^__^ Very loving and passionate about things I care for and believe in. Very silly and dirty minded.
Weapons: Heh, my silliness, I suppose...
Some Friends: Kiera userinfocrazy_catlady, Danny (DD) and Chris (Chrissy) are three of my dearest friends, Kiera being my best and her brothers there very awesome, also. Jim, userinfolordrokesh who's been there for me when I needed a shoulder to cry on. Aimee, 2omaha_withlove, my old friend from seventh grade, welcome back to my mess ~_^ And Steve, userinfotemalyen , who I dated for seven years and is now an invaluable friend. <3 Thank you for your love.

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You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one.

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When the Wind Meets the Sea

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Unlike some other Robin Hood movies, Men in Tights is love that speaks with an English accent

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